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Oversized Specialty Burn Permit (5 Days)

** Permitted for burns on farm properties that are part of normal farm practices.**

Whitchurch-Stouffville Fire and Emergecy Services
100 Weldon Road, Stouffville, ON L4A 1N2
Administration: Tel. (905) 640-9595    Fax. (905) 640-9517

Oversized Burning Safe Practices:

  1. The burning of limbs, logs, brush, and stumps must be in a single burn pile that is confined to less than twelve meters (40 feet) in diameter and less than four meters (15 feet) in height.
  2. Burn pile shall be located no closer than seventy-five meters (250 feet) from any building, including any building which is not on the same property.
  3. Burn pile shall be located no closer than thirty meters (100 feet) from any forested area, highway/roadway, property line, or overhead wire. 
  4. Burn pile shall have a permiter of at least 4.5 meters (15 feet) clear of combustible material such as ground cover. 
  5. No more than one burn pile shall be burned at a single time.
  6. Burning must only occur between sunrise and sunset.
  7. Address number shall be permanently posted at the street entrance to the access point to the property. 
  8. Equipment such as (but not limited to) a bulldozer, front end loader, excavator, etc. must be on-site, operational, and equipped with a competent operator at all times while controlled burning is occuring.
  9. Competent person on-site must be equipped with a means to notify WSFES of an emergency (cell phone)
  10. A minimum of two shovels shall be on-site that can be used to extinguish flying embers and fingers from the burn pile. A minimum of one 5lbs ABC or 2A fire extinguisher shall be charged and available on-site. 
  11. The permit must be on site and available for inspection at all times
Do you agree with the Safe Practices and Conditions above

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