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Recreational Fires 

Please complete the following form to agree to Recreational Fire conditions and parameters. 

Permits are not required for Recreational Fires, but the following conditions must be complied with as per By-Law 2016-056-FR: 

1. Fire must not exceed .75m in diameter or .75m in height and must be contained to prevent the spread of fire. 

2. Only clean wood products may be burned.

3. Petroleum products, plastics, rubber, painted lumber, domestic, industrial, agricultural waste or any other material that will cause excessive smoke or noxious fumes must not be mixed with or contaminate the wood that may be burned.

4. Recreational fires must be supervised by a competent person at all times until they are completely extinguished. 

5. There must be an adequate means of extinguishment present and in close proximity to the fire.

6. A minimum distance of 3m to combustible materials must be maintained at all times. 

7. Recreational fires shall not be permitted when the wind speed exceeds 20kph, when the wind direction is changing frequently, or when there is decreased visibility on any highway in the vicinity. 

8. Recreational fires shall be prohibited when an Open Air Burning Ban has been declared by the Fire Chief.

9. Recreational fires are prohibited during construction within any subdivision or on any construction site within the Town. 

10. Outdoor fireplaces must be equipped with screens on the flue and fuel loading area.

11. The use of outdoor fireplaces must comply with the manufactures' guidelines. 

12. In the event that there are no manufactures' guidelines for the outdoor fireplace, only approved material may be burned and a minimum three meter (3m) clearance must be maintained between the fireplace and combustible objects. 

13. Outdoor fireplaces must be installed on a non-combustible surface. 

14. Recreational fires that emit excessive amounts of smoke or sparks or create a nuisance are not permitted and must be extinguished. 

15. The Fire Chief may at any time require that a Recreational Fire be extinguished. 

16. The resident or occupant of any land on which a Recreational Fire is occurring must ensure that Officers have full access to the said land at all times during the Recreational Fire.



Do you agree with the Safe Practices and Conditions above

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