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Water Meter Installation Request


Before submitting this request, please ensure the water meter fee has been paid to the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville. 

Please contact Water Meter Administrator at 905-640-1900 ext. 2297 to arrange payment.

You must complete a separate request for each property. If you are submitting a request for more than 1 property, you may complete the Additional Properties Listing - Water Meter Request Form which is located at  Please complete all sections of this form and upload the Additional Properties Listing at the bottom of this form.  


** Process Time for Water Meter Installation **

Water meters of 1.0" diameter and smaller may require up to 30 days for installation following submission of this request.

*** Water meters of 1.5" diameter and larger may require up to 90 days for installation following submission of this request.

If additional specialized services (plumbing, carpentry, etc.) are required to complete water meter installation, the builder will be invoiced separately by the Town.

Applicant Information

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I certify the information contained on this request form and all pertinent attachments are true and correct.


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